Art Intake

Many artists have been considered ‘mad’. It’s predominantly based on the fact that they’ve had very unique personalities, unusual points of view and… maybe even some bizzare habits. Therefore, there has always been the stigma that if you’re an artist, you’re a bit crazy. However, due to artists and scientists, the creativity and the art making are profoundly important for the mental health. What is more, art has been considered an extension of the cognitive function of the brain, and the great new is that just by looking at it, you nourish your mind.

So, don’t forget to ‘consume‘ art on a daily basis. There are a number of different ways to implement it in your mental health diet- you can enjoy it with a cup of coffee in the morning, spice your lunch with it, intake small amounts of it throughout the day, etc.

I was inspired by Wes Anderson’s movies. When he wants to show that the characters are happy in a certain scene, he implements the yellow colour. However, the overuse of yellow in certain scenes and the unconventional plot and personal features of the characters in his movies, conveys a sense of madness. So, I decided to use it as a highlight and convert everything else in grayscale. I added slight brown tint to it in order to make the atmosphere more warm and comforting.

Scenes from the short silent film:

My target audience consists of people who are interested in art or they are artists or designers themselves. As a person who is interested also in art, it was easy for me to find the right language and style for the final outcome. It managed to influence them and to spark their creativity (the conclusion is based on feedback from artists).