A series of moving posters in response to the #toxicMasculinity, #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

It's important for women to stick together, stand up for themselves and others, and support one another. However, men should also be concerned about issues related to sexual harassment, assaults and misogyny. And many of them, who have been mistreating and hurting women, do it because of toxic masculine stereotypes.

The purpose of this project is to inform and protect the teenagers and young people from these limiting and oppressing beliefs.

Symbols used in the project & their meanings:

hand- empowerment, action, connection
spinning wheel- the repetitiveness of the issues mentioned above; anyone can be affected
knife- male domination
entangled legs and hands- we are all part of the problem

The street culture and art are important part of the life of the young people.


Website Concept- collective digital space 

Design Process