Content:   1. Painting   2. Adobe Illustrator   3. 3D mock-ups


The process pictures of the painting that I've showed you on Thursday: 

You can also check the Act Together project to see examples of digitally painted patterns in Photoshop:

Projects with Adobe Illustrator:

This is what I'm currently working on. It's a wooden jigsaw puzzle. The illustration shows different perspectives on life- positive (bluebird- symbol of happiness) and negative (coyote-a spiritual sign- if you are stressed or too worried, and you need to change or progress). The illustration has been done in Illustrator, it’s been laser cutted and I'm going to paint the puzzle pieces with acrylic.


 an old painting transformed into an illustration for a colouring book this project is inspired by the Bulgarian embroidery; done in Illustrator and After Effects 
Other projects done with Illustrator:

3D mock-ups:

These are screenshots of a presentation outlining my interests and subject area for the final semester. You can watch it here:


Other 3D work:  - you can see the Photoshop version of the weapon in the gallery with images from the process (it's the one with gray gradient background)