Silver Agency

Silver are working on a top secret, clearance level 10 project for some of our top clients. But in order to fulfil this undercover operation we’re going to need your help.

So, what do we need? We need you to draw up a couple of illustrations around the theme ‘Hope and Future’.”
This project was about creating an illustration for a colouring book, which responds to the theme ‘Hope and Future’.

My illustration’s called ‘Outlook’ and it depicts a room from the future. It reflects the humans' strive to examine and colonize the galaxy. However, it also represents the outlook of the people who reach for the stars, who do not see restrictions, but only infinite space of possibilities. And they are those who will significantly change the world.


For this brief I transformed one of my old paintings into an illustration, 
by simplifying the shapes and tracing it over in Adobe Illustrator.