This project was part of my studies on how art and creativity can improve mental health. I’ve found it really interesting that the mind-body connection consists of a number of opposites. For example, you can be stressed and overthink, even though your body is still, and at the same time if you move your body, your brain can become quiet and relaxed.

I’ve decided to recreate this phenomenon in a surreal room- the only place where opposites can easily meet and interact with each other, using common everyday objects with a twist.

The room is filled with the tension created by opposite forces- stillness and movement, calmness and energy, mental and physical. It draws the viewer’s attention to the same tension contained in his being.

Inside the Room:

• white ‘chairs’- inspired by the 60-80s furniture design and based on the design principle ‘form follows function’. Their purpose is to place the body into different yoga poses
• red walls- reinforce the sense of tension
• books- relate to the brain activity
• holograms- non-physical body.

Exhibition Concept:
This is a 3D mock-up of the surreal space converted into an interactive exhibition. The viewers can try the furniture themselves, there also will be books provided, thus being completely immersed in the experience. The video will be screened on the back wall. The furniture will be arranged in a way that fits with the position of the ‘chairs’ in the video, when seen from the front.

experimenting with light- dim lights to see the projected video on the wall
& contribute to the tense atmosphere 



production process: modelling, filming, post-processing, VFX